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Image of Wishing Necklace - Lovey

Wishing Necklace - Lovey

$129.00 — Sold out

Delicate pearls on a 14K gold plated chain.

45 cm total length. This necklace sits gently around the neck, the chain is barely there and fine, the charms and beads a special selection of beautiful tokens.

Each necklace is one of a kind.

Your necklace will come packaged in a small brown matchbox with coloured felt.
Free shipping in New Zealand

Image of Wishing Necklace - Lovey Image of Wishing Necklace - Lovey
Image of Wishing Necklace - Dearest
Wishing Necklace - Dearest
Image of Nova Earrings - Sage
Nova Earrings - Sage
Image of Wishing Necklace - Honey Flower
Wishing Necklace - Honey Flower
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Ripple Earrings + Freshwater Pearlies
$69.00 — Sold out
Image of Wishing Necklace - Darling
Wishing Necklace - Darling
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Nova Earrings - Daphne
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Ripple Earrings + Pearls
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Pot Pourri
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Ripple Earrings + Pink Pearls
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Pot Pourri - Mini
Image of Wishing Necklace - My Heart
Wishing Necklace - My Heart
Image of Wishing Necklace - With Love
Wishing Necklace - With Love
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Nova Earrings - Primrose
Image of Wishing Necklace - Sunshine
Wishing Necklace - Sunshine
$129.00 — Sold out
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Nova Earrings - Buttercup
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Nova Earrings - Violet
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Daylight Earrings
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Belle Earrings
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Ripple Earrings + Peach Pearls
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