Hydrangea Ranger


How Sweet it is to be Loved by You.

Hydrangea Ranger is a range of products made with love and happiness. All products are produced by my hand from a careful selection of beautiful materials. 

Most products are one off or in a limited run.

By supporting Hydrangea Ranger you are supporting a handmade, local, small business.

I have been taught throughout my life by my family of wonderfully talented and delicate makers who use their hands as their tools. Hydrangea Ranger came out of a desire to follow in their footsteps and develop a business that allows me to do the thing I love best - making. 

This traditional maker mentality alongside the collected moments and lovely things I pick up along the way inspires Hydrangea Ranger. 

I am thankful to those that visit Hydrangea Ranger and buy my products. You give me warm fuzzies every time and help me to keep making and enjoying this wonderful life.


Isabella Pachter

Hydrangea Ranger

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Please note orders are sent via overnight courier in New Zealand where possible. The courier comes Monday / Wednesday / Friday and you should receive your purchase within a week. Please let me know if you need sooner. 

I can add a hand written note if you like, everything comes wrapped nicely x

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