Hydrangea Ranger
Image of Belle Earrings

Belle Earrings


Delicate filigree brass bells with gemstone or pearl beads on gold plated earring findings.

Total length 3.8cm

Available with citrine beads, freshwater pearls, green agate beads or pink agate beads.

Lovingly made by hand in New Zealand.

Image of Belle Earrings Image of Belle Earrings Image of Belle Earrings Image of Belle Earrings
Image of Nova Earrings - Daphne
Nova Earrings - Daphne
Image of Wishing Necklace - Sweetness
Wishing Necklace - Sweetness
Image of Nova Earrings - Sage
Nova Earrings - Sage
Image of Wishing Necklace - Waterlily
Wishing Necklace - Waterlily
$129.00 — Sold out
Image of Ripple Earrings + Freshwater Pearlies
Ripple Earrings + Freshwater Pearlies
$69.00 — Sold out
Image of Wishing Necklace - Starshine
Wishing Necklace - Starshine
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Wishing Necklace - Darling
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Wishing Necklace - Lovey
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Nova Earrings - Marigold
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Wishing Necklace - My Heart
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Wishing Necklace - With Love
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Nova Earrings - Primrose
Image of Wishing Necklace - Sunshine
Wishing Necklace - Sunshine
$129.00 — Sold out
Image of Nova Earrings - Buttercup
Nova Earrings - Buttercup
Image of Nova Earrings - Violet
Nova Earrings - Violet
Image of Daylight Earrings
Daylight Earrings
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